Covid-19 IT Support Services

Covid-19 IT Support Services

Guideline prices for IT Support


This IT Support Service agreement package example gives the client unlimited Support service calls with a response via telephone and/or remotely. If the issue cannot be resolved and engineer will attend the site at no extra cost.

This package will suit a small business that has a high dependency on its IT.

What’s included?

  • Unlimited telephone and remote support
  • Unlimited onsite support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Network / Internet support
  • 15 minute response for Priority 1 issues
  • 60 minute response for Priority 2 issues

    Swift Digital offers a range of IT Support Services to suit difference outsourcing requirements. Many of our clients do not have in-house IT Support staff and have completely outsourced their IT department to us. Others have an IT engineer employed and look to us as their next level of support. Some of our larger clients have a requirement for onsite staff but not full time. In these instances their IT Support agreement specifies that a dedicated number of days are required onsite per week.

    We create our packages based around your requirements, we accommodate wherever possible to achieve the end result, the peace of mind that you will have knowing that Swift Digital is looking after your IT Support.

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    This IT support service agreement package example gives the client a complete 24 x 7 service, unlimited support calls with a response via telephone and/or remotely. This example is for telephone and remote 24×7 IT support.

    This package is perfect for companies that have a number of remote workers that work at different times.

    What’s included?

    • 24 x 7 support
    • Unlimited telephone and remote support
    • Proactive monitoring
    • Network / Internet support
    • 15 minute response for Priority 1 issues
    • 60 minute response for Priority 2 issues

      Covid-19 IT Support Package


      Outsource your IT department or onsite staff assistance

      Every business differs in its IT Support service requirements. We have always tailored our Support packages to ensure that the service required matches the budgets to hand. Our IT Support contracts are simple and comprehensive ensuring that there are no hidden costs. Our agreements cover online and remote assistance, full onsite agreements, in hours, out of hours, 24 hour cover, partial outsourcing and complete outsourcing of your IT.

      We support any size IT system or department

      No network is too large or too small. Our clients range from business start-ups, small businesses of less than 5 people right through to mid to large size companies. Over the years we have put systems in place to pro-actively monitor our supported IT systems and through strict discipline and supporting systems offer industry leading response times.

      Whether your company has a few machines or a large corporate network we can tailor suit a Support agreement that will give you that peace of mind that professionals are looking after your systems, IT Support is something that you don’t need to think about, we will take care of it.

      What can you expect with Swift Digital IT Support?

      All our IT Support contracts have fundamental building blocks and have been put in place to ensure that all our customers get the very best return on their investment.

      We really do care

      Our staff have a passion for IT and their number 1 priority is to ensure that every customer, however large or small is happy.

      Single monthly fee

      IT support contracts are all inclusive. There are no hidden or additional costs. If it is support related, it’s included.

      15 minute response

      Our standard working hours IT Support contracts come with 15 minute response times and are monitored and managed.

      No lengthy contracts

      Unlike most, we will not tie you in to any lengthy terms, cancellation is simply three months notice even from the start.

      Unlimited telephone support

      We offer unlimted telephone and remote support to all our clients, there are no restrictions or additional charges.

      Unlimited onsite support

      We offer unlimted onsite technical support to all our clients, if we can’t fix it remotely, we will send an engineer to you.

      Unlimited third party liaison

      We will liaise with all third parties on your behalf, including your ISP, applications and website suppliers.

      Complimentary IT strategy

      It is important that your IT compliments your business, we offer unlimited IT strategy advice.

      How can we maintain such a high level of service?


      As well as having the right team in place, with the right objectives and outlook, we have invested healivy in our own IT systems. Using the latest cloud based infrastructure, and after a 12 month application development programme, our internal system CUBE ensures that we have a perfect technical tool for our staff. The CUBE system manages our Helpdesk with a number of key features including SLA monitoring and alerting, daily, weekly, monthly systems checks, and a full reporting system. In addition all client staff have access to the self service portal that allows full logging and monitoring of IT Support cases, Service requests and account management.

      Case Management

      Cube monitors and manages all cases with full tracking notes, email notifications and self service access to the user.

      SLA Management

      Cube monitors logged case response times and emails all technical and admin staff if an SLA is approaching.

      Pro active support

      Cube issues daily, weekly and monthly tasks to the technicans for each client and compiles user monthly reports.

      Customer self service

      All end users get a login into Cube where they can raise and manage a case, and for admins view invoices and reports.

      Full client reporting

      Through self service, managers can run instant reports as well as view their systems monthly reports.

      Expiry monitoring

      Through the CUBE scheduler, domain and software expiries are monitored and alerts sent for renewals.

      Service requests

      Requests for hardware, softwre or consultancy are managed by CUBE including quotations, approval and invoices.


      CUBE has its own knowledgebase where soltions to previous problems can easily be accessed.


      Do you know that we also design and build websites and applications?

      Our specialist in-house development team is experienced in all aspects of website, application and mobile app design and build for all business types. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure that Swift Digital Websites can provide a successful solution to meet your needs and budget and elevate your online presence.