Server Solutions

Server Solutions


System Server Solution in Singapore

Each organization with an IT department needs a server solution because it functions as the IT framework of the entire institution. Upon having a strong server, organizations can map out every resource they have. This works when you have a massive firm, or you are planning to expand your venture further.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization
  • Server & Server Integration
  • Microsoft and Backup Solution

At ONE STOP SOLUTION, we are masters of server stability as we believe it is integral to our organization’s foundation. This time, we would want to share our knowledge and expertise with those who wish to strengthen their institution. When you avail any of our Server Solutions, then you are having a guarantee of growing your company with fewer roadblocks. Our methods have always been systematic — from gauging your goals to strategic planning to implementation and evaluation.

Never be afraid of extending your potential in global markets. Our servers are risk-free, so there’s nothing to worry about. No idea where and how to outsource your services? We can work out our servers to find which option appeals to you in the best way possible. Worries about operating a remote office? Our servers can reach out to you wherever you are. No backup plan so far? We can lay down contingency proposals for you to apply.

In other words, we got your back. Find out which service fits you.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Server consolidation is just a fancy way of saying that you are optimizing your servers for efficiency. When an organization gets really huge, there can be leftover servers that are being overlooked. Consolidating them systematically can be literally painstaking especially when your focus is maintaining your company’s growth.

Then there’s the issue of finding someone who can personally go to your location and manually fix your server. Unfortunately, this can be both daunting and time-consuming.

Worry no more! We are offering a server virtualization service to consolidate your servers resourcefully. By organizing your server into several virtual layers, you will be able to categorize huge volumes of user information into various layers. This allows for more space which a normal server does not typically have. Also, we will be ensuring that you can access your servers whether you are at an office, working remotely, or with your mobile device.

Usually, servers require hardware to fully function. However, server consolidation and virtualization service is an excellent virtual option to save resources and space in your workplace. You can save a ton of money which you can solely devote to flourishing your capital and other assets.

Of course, you need to monitor your servers regularly. Often times, consolidated servers tend to have vulnerabilities which make them prone to attacks. To solve this, we will be making sure that your servers have the right protection they deserve. By constantly monitoring your new server, you can operate your business smoothly and confidently.

Server & Server Integration

Server & Server Integration refers to the interconnection of different operating systems and applications. Naturally, each of these components requires either an internal or external computer network to function properly. If your organization has multiple servers which cannot be consolidated, you need to incorporate them together by:

  • prepackaged applications
  • customized applications
  • legacy applications

We do our Server & Server Integration by routing nodes that transmit and receive data within each operating system or application. By doing so, we assure a smooth flow of information from one server to another. This would prevent server sprawl which occurs when handling massive amounts of transactions.


Microsoft and Backup Solution

Microsoft is still a very strong brand for IT solutions, despite plenty of competition on the rise. This is why we have integrated our Backup Solutions with Microsoft applications. When something goes wrong with your server, it could greatly impact your workload and operations. This is why we are offering a Backup Solution – to recover all lost data within your server in case such a disaster happens to you.

At ONE STOP SOLUTION, you can only expect outstanding service from our IT experts. We are more than qualified to safeguard your data and prevent any instance of system interruption from happening. Contact us to know more.